Bike Ride FreedomThe aim of including independent skills in the transition planning is: –

  • “ to prepare for more independent living including exploring what decisions young people want to take themselves and planning their role in decision-making as they become older.”

SEN Guidance – click here 


Transition planning could include: –

  • parents or carers views and goals for the young person as a young adult or adults
  • information about access to supported housing or living options and social care support
  • support and progress for the young person learning skills at school and at home that will help with being as independent as possible
  • preparation and support for the young people making their own decisions or being involved in making decisions
  • support with accessing the local offer information for the young person and parents
  • parents being provided with easy to understand information about the mental capacity act 2005
  • information about the mental capacity act 2005


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