When young people were asked about volunteering in a recent survey, a whopping 25% said they got involved.

That means that on average one out of every four of your friends already volunteers.  Could it be you?

Young people said the following things about why they volunteer:

“It is good for my CV and will help me to get a better job”

“It makes me feel confident and is good for my self esteem

“I want to make a difference where I live”

“It gives young people a voice and a better image with older people

Volunteering – what’s that?

You might already be a volunteer and not even realise it!

Do you give your own time to help a group or charity without getting paid?  Perhaps you organise youth or sports club activities?  You might be a member of your youth council or help out where you worship?  Or are you one of the hundreds of youth leaders who belong to uniformed groups such as scouts or cadets all over Dudley borough?

If this is you? – Congratulations on being that ‘one in four’!

Want to find out more?

There are plenty of places where you can get further information.  Make an appointment with Dudley Volunteer Centre.  Friendly staff will talk to you about the things that you are interested in and will try to match you with something that’s just right for you.  Email: volunteer@dudleycvs.org.uk or call 01384 267414.

Speak to someone at your school, college or youth club, they’re bound to point you in the right direction! Know of a charity, community group or club where you would like to volunteer?  Why not drop in and tell them what you’ve got to offer!  You might be just what they’ve been waiting for!

Looking for inspiration?

You’re bound to know someone who already volunteers.  Why not ask them what they do and how it makes them feel.  Their enthusiasm is bound to rub off on you!

Survey source:  Dudley Youth Service 2010 Youth Survey – 25.6% of 1700 respondents said that they take part in voluntary activities