In some instances, you will be asked to complete an application form rather than send a CV. An application form will standardise a lot of the recruitment process for recruiters, as CV’s can come in various different styles or formats and may not convey the information a recruiter is looking for. Ultimately, they end up comparing apples to oranges which doesn’t help anybody.

The first part of an application form will ask for your personal and contact details – PLEASE BE AWARE THAT AT NO TIME SHOULD YOU EVER BE ASKED FOR YOUR BANK OR FINANCIAL INFORMATION – this is never part of a recruitment process.


After filling in the personal/contact sections an application form may ask you to answer specific questions. These questions are to find out more about you and convey information that cannot be unpicked from a CV. These could be questions asking about yourself, your motivations and your experience, or to understand your work practices by asking how you would handle hypothetical situations.  On many occasions you will find that questions will have a word limit to ensure that what is written is focussed upon what is really relevant for the role i.e. don’t waffle, but also don’t be put off if you haven’t reached the word limit – having information provided succinctly is better than just padding out the answer.


TIP – Read all the way through an application form before you start writing. Gain an awareness of what questions may be asked so you don’t give information in an earlier question that may be better suited to a later question (and vice versa). Try to avoid repetition (unless it is relevant) and remember that it may only take 5 minutes to read an application form that took you an hour to write. The recruiter will remember what was written previously, so unwarranted repetition will not improve your chances whereas a well thought through, concise application will.


TIP – Take your time with an application form – if it is handwritten rather than electronic try to avoid crossing out. Presentation is important as is forward planning. Use the same pen through the whole form so it all looks unified and professional.


TIP – Have a friend or family member read the form over before you finish it. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can pick up things you may have missed.


If you need support with writing applications, please contact Connexions on 01384 xxxxxx where an advisor will be able to support you.


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