For those wishing to go into employment the financial benefits of doing so my be one of the biggest attractions. However, if you are thinking of staying on in education there are also financial pathways that you can explore to support your studies.

For careers in the performing arts Dance and Drama Awards are available from some of England’s leading private dance and drama schools. They can help with your course fees and equipment costs. You may also get extra money to help with your living costs. Awards are dependent on you passing an audition to get into the school.

16-19 bursary
The 16 to 19 bursary is a new £180 million scheme to help the most vulnerable young people continue in full-time education.The scheme is made up of two parts:

  • There are bursaries of £1,200 a year for the most vulnerable. Around 12,000 young people are in this group, made up of children in care, care leavers and those on income support. Income support is paid to young people such as teenage parents, teenagers living away from their parents and young people whose parents have died.
  • Schools, colleges and training providers will then be able to award bursaries to any student who faces genuine financial barriers to staying on in education and training to help with costs such as transport, food or equipment

More local information can be found HERE

Further Education Financial Support
If you are a student entering further education there may be access to Discretionary Support Funds in colleges to help with learning costs. Colleges in the Dudley area provide some financial assistance to those students with the greatest need. For more information please contact the colleges directly.

There may be additional support and funding for young people with learning difficulties and disabilities. Please see our Specialist Support section for more information.

If you are in full time education and training your parents/carers will normally receive child and other benefits until you are 19. You will not usually get any benefits except in exceptional circumstances, such as if you have caring responsibilities or you cannot live at home.

A Connexions Personal Adviser will be able to offer further advice if you think you are able to claim benefits whilst still in education.

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