Connexions Dudley Professionals And EmployersAs professionals and employers you play a crucial role in supporting young people to make suitable post 16 choices. Connexions Dudley can offer professionals and employers a range of services that will support your work with young people. This includes:



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Find out further information about employing Apprentices, including benefits for your business, how to start the process, training and funding. Visit for comprehensive information.

Vacancy Service
We provide a vacancy advertising service, free of charge, to employers. We offer the following:

  • Advertising for your vacancies via our website;
  • A fast and efficient service for recruiting young employees;
  • An opportunity to discuss your company’s requirements and agree vacancy details;
  • Information on changes in education and training, including new qualifications;
  • Advice and information on employment, legislation, funded training and education.

Advertise your vacancy
Do you have a vacancy to advertise? Just email us your details and we will advertise it free of charge.
For further information on our free services for employers please call us on 01384 811400.

Employment Law
To ensure young people receive the best opportunities when starting out in employment, there are laws governing their employment. Connexions can provide further guidance but some points to note are:

  • When considering what to pay a new employee, it is good practise to pay them the going rate for the job, irrespective of their age but taking into account their experience and trainee level. If you decide on the national minimum wage you will need to bear in mind the legal wage requirements, which varies depending upon their age.
  • If you are employing a 16 or 17 year old there is legislation setting out how many hours they can work in a day and a week and also what rest breaks they are entitled to.
  • When employing a young person it is possible that you will be their first employer and it is reasonable to expect that their awareness of health and safety issues in the workplace will be limited or non-existent. Therefore it is vital that you introduce the importance of health and safety at work to them from the start of their employment.
  • When recruiting a 16 or 17 year old you are required by law to carry out a risk assessment of the job and workplace in which they will be working. This is done to identify any problem areas that could harm a young person.

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