Samantha Image 1

My name is Sam and I have been a customer service apprentice for Dudley MBC for around 6 months. My expectations of the apprenticeship was not knowing what it would be like as I haven’t done an apprenticeship before.

My journey before the apprenticeship was applying for jobs and getting declined and I was also doing my maths and English at skills training in Dudley. I heard about this apprenticeship from my Young Persons Adviser (YPA) who helped me with my application and she came with me to my interview.

My first day was really exciting and I was really nervous. My apprenticeship is really fantastic! The day to day work I do is really amazing and I am really proud of myself and how far I have come. I would recommend this to family and friends.

I have developed lots of different things and it has been really amazing. My apprenticeship will help me in the future and I have learned lots of things that I never knew that I could do.


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