Job Title – Quantity Surveyor

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Average Salary – Starting: £28,500- £34,500
With experience: £38,000 – £45,000
Senior Chefs earn £48,000 – £55,000

Growth –   1.6% (approx. 48,213 people employed) recent drop due to the global pandemic.

Overview – As a Quantity Surveyor, you will work out the cost of building projects, taking into account labour, materials, taxes and
maintenance costs.

The building projects you work on might include hospitals, schools, prisons or airports.

You will use an Architect’s plans to make an estimate of the cost of a project. You then produce a more detailed breakdown
of costs.

To become a Quantity Surveyor, you will need to:

  • have IT skills
  • be good at maths
  • be able to write reports to a high standard
  • a good standard of numeracy
  • IT skills
  • to be able to interpret technical drawings and architects’ plans report-writing skills
  • the confidence to negotiate and the initiative to make your own decisions

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*Information taken from Cascaid and may differ over time.