Job Title – Chef


Average Salary – Starting: £16,000 – £23,000
With experience: £23,000 – £30,000
Senior Chefs earn £30,000 – £40,000

Growth –   -3.5% (approx. 153,493 people employed) recent drop due to the global pandemic.

Overview – As a Chef you will oversee the preparation and cooking of food and meals for organisations such as hotels, restaurants, pubs, work and school canteens, hospitals and the armed forces. Conference centres, cruise ships and other leisure operations also employ Chefs/Cooks.

You could work at different levels. Some plan menus and manage other Chefs who do more of the food preparation. There are different types and levels of Chef.

In a large kitchen, you could be a: Chef Patissier (Pastry Chef, Chef Saucier (Sauce and Main Meal Chef), Chef Poissoner (Fish Chef), Chef Entremetier (Vegetable Chef).

Chefs also have ranks. There is the Commis Chef (trainee), the Chef de Partie (Section Leader), the Sous Chef (Deputy Head/Second Chef) and the Chef de Cuisine (Head Chef). There are also Chefs Patron – these are Chefs who own their
own restaurants.


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*Information taken from Cascaid and may differ over time.