Connexions Duldey AdvisersAt different stages of your life you’ll need to make some important decisions about your future. Connexions Personal Advisers will be able to talk you through all the options available and help you to make the right decision. If you are worried about anything at all, a Personal Adviser will listen and be able to help.

What can a Personal Adviser do?

  • Help you find the right answers and support your needs
  • Not judge you or tell you what to do
  • Be there to listen and work with you
  • Be on your side
  • Build on your strengths

Personal Advisers work with other organisations like health, education, youth justice and other youth support services, so whatever help you need, you can be sure of the best possible advice.

Where can I meet with a Personal Adviser?

  • In school or college
  • In a community location
  • At work or where you train
  • Sometimes you can arrange to meet a Personal Adviser at home or another place of your choice

How do I get in touch with a Personal Adviser?

  • Use ‘Live Chat’, available through the Connexions Home page.
  • Through school, college or training provider.
  • Phone the Connexions office
  • Send us an email or fill out the contact form