Matrix Standard

The Matrix Standard is the international quality standard for organisations that deliver information, advice and/or guidance (IAG). It helps providers to improve their services by benchmarking against best practice and it offers accreditation to those that meet the full standard. The matrix Standard is an outcome-based standard. This means that an Assessor will look not only at processes used to support IAG delivery but also at results achieved.

The matrix Standard comprises of four elements:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Resources
  • Service Delivery
  • Continuous Quality Improvement

Evidence is was collected through interviews with young people, staff and partner organisations. IAG delivery and those affected by it.

The Matrix Standard Assessment Report said the following:

‘Connexions Dudley is a very effective IAG service…’

‘Personal Advisers are skilled professionals…’

‘Students commented on how easy it was to approach members of Connexions Dudley and how effective they are.’

‘Connexions Dudley is very well led and is strongly committed to continuous improvement.’

‘Staff are very committed to success of students…’

‘Evidence of the effectiveness of the NEETs work can be seen in the statistical analyses for key performance indicators.’

‘…remarkable achievement and testimony to hard work and expertise of staff.’

‘…high quality, impartial IAG that help students and those who are NEETS to progress, access to learning opportunities that improve the quality of life, and being professional and customer-focused.’

‘…Journey for Care leavers has been mapped clearly with key points of decision-making and transition…’

‘Leadership and management was found to be very good, and decisive.’

‘Service Delivery appears effective and students interview were very satisfied…’ 

‘All students interviewed were very clear their progress was a direct result of the one to one work, and this work…’

‘It is an emerging exemplar to others in providing an IAG service…’

Personal Advisers are ‘….critical in providing advice about options post 16…’