I attended Castle High School [now known as St James Academy] up to year 10, where I left in October to go to Pakistan, it was deemed that I was being forced into marriage, the Embassy in Pakistan were involved and I therefore had to return back home to the UK.

Once I was back in the UK I didn’t return to school and my parents chose for me to become Home Educated.  At the age of 15 I came into contact with Connexions to look at future plans and aspirations, some of our meetings involved not only discussing College and Training but also time keeping and attendance and also developing my social skills, as well as that she also told me about other agencies like Asian Women’s Centre and the Forced Marriage unit.

Currently I have had an interview for the Kick start Gold programme with a Training provider, following this I have been offered a place to start in August  and I now feel empowered and confident again to go into my training and achieve my goals thanks to the support of my Connexions PA.