Do I need a CV?
  • YES! At least 4 people apply for every job vacancy, and at least 27 apply for every apprenticeship advertised in the UK
  • Everyone has skills and abilities – everyone can write a CV
  • A good CV stands out from the crowd
  • A good CV creates such an impression on the employer that they will not be able to turn you down for an interview

 CV Do’s

  • Use a standard font, black ink, no larger than size 14
  • Include a Personal Statement telling the employer what your ambitions are and what you can offer them
  • Be honest and be positive
  • Include a section on your education and your work experience
  • Proof read your CV – check, check and check again

CV Dont’s

  • Do it in a rush
  • Write it as a list – give it a structure, this is your story after all!
  • Lie!

 There is no single way to write a CV

It’s a document about you, written by you and for you

Your CV is the first impression an employer will get of you – make it a good one!

For an Example CV please click HERE

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