Foundation Learning is an individual education or training programme at Entry Level and Level 1 that you would do at school, college or with a training provider.

If you are not yet ready to move on up to Level 2 (Level 2 is the same level as GCSEs at grades 9 – 4) then Foundation Learning is the best next step for you.

During your final year of school it is important that you are clear with your plans for when you leave.

Your next step college or training provider – or your school if you are staying on at school, will help you to pick a mixture of qualifications and activities, such as work experience, to help you move forward.

As part of foundation learning you will learn:

  • Practical skills in English, maths and information and communication technology (ICT) – also called functional skills
  • The skills you need to live more independently, organise yourself and to work with other people
  • About subjects that will help you in your future. You can do new subjects as well as carrying on studying some of those they do now

What qualifications will I get?
Your school, college or training provider will help you to choose from a range of qualification at this level.Examples include:

  • Foundation Diploma
  • National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) at level 1
  • Entry Level BTEC Certificates, Awards and Diplomas and BTEC Level 1 Certificates, Awards and Diplomas

What can foundation learning lead to?
At entry level foundation learning can lead to level one learning and training options such as Foundation Diplomas or work-related learning.

At level 1 foundation learning can lead to level two learning and training options such as GCSEs, Higher Diplomas or work-related learning.